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Dark Brown Fish Leather Crossbody Bag


This Crossbody Fish Leather Bag is Unique, Exclusive, and Handmade.

It is a luxurious, one-of-a-kind handbag, tailored with selected Shinny Dark Brown Fish Leather and enriched with Chocolate & Cream Leather Accents. It has lots of different compartments to keep your purse organized. Made in the USA.

  • Front – Shinny dark brown fish leather with accents of chocolate & cream leather– color shades may vary.
  • Back – Chocolate leather with a cream zipper pocket.
  • Convertible and adjustable chocolate color leather straps.
  • Top cream zip closure for an extra charm.
  • 1 Back exterior cream zip pocket.
  • 1 interior zip pocket enhanced with chocolate leather around it.
  • 1 interior chocolate leather slip pocket for a cell phone.
  • 1 interior chocolate leather slip pocket for lipsticks.
  • Gold-tone hardware.
  • Lining: Fabric.
  • Handmade in USA.


  • 8.5” W x 8’ H x 2.5” D
  • 19.5” L to 21.5” L Strap


Crossbody Fish Leather Bag

Marli Purses is a pioneer in creating unique, exclusive, and gorgeous handbags by utilizing FISH LEATHER, which otherwise would be discarded in land fields.

Marli Purses, Fish Leather Handbags, are handmade in the USA.

A Woman’s Innovation!

Fish Leather Crossbody
Unique Shinny Dark Brown Fish Leather Bag enhanced with chocolate & cream leather accents to further enrich its ultra-stylish, exclusive & splendid look.
Exclusive, One & Only, Handmade Crossbody Bag has an adjustable chocolate leather strap.


Designed with 4 different compartments to keep everything nicely organized. Two zip pockets, a specific slip pocket for your lipstick and one slip pocket for your cell phone.
This crossbody was tailored with cream zippers to brighten up its charm.


Marli Purses
Marli Purses – Is Your unique & exclusive style!


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